That’s an easy question. At FrameCo, our sales people often talk about how we sell efficiency. True, most of this efficiency comes from our terrific high quality materials, ultra-fast shop methods, and so on. But we don’t want to neglect the basic key to all of these perks- prefabrication itself. You see, ever since a preassembled fishermen’s house was shipped from England to the U.S. back in the 1600’s (no, we didn’t make that up) and the Gold Rush of 1849 induced over 500 modular homes to be brought to California for the miners, prefabrication has begun a slow but steady takeover of construction methods around the world.

In China, prefabrication is already the norm- a 57 story skyscraper was recently erected there in nineteen days. Down Under, all sixteen levels of a prefabbed Adelaide hotel is set to be completed in only two weeks. And for the first time ever, a national exposition is being held in Washington D.C. strictly for offsite and preassembled building methods (see you there). Prefabrication has finally taken the industry by storm. Those fishermen would be proud.

Our team thinks it’s been a long time coming. But what can we say? The next big thing really is here.