If you have ever visited our offices in Valley View, you would have noticed that our lobby hosts a large mural of the Flatiron Building in New York City. This building is notorious for its extremely rapid construction. How did they do it you may wonder?   The answer here is Prefabrication!  The Flatiron Building was so well engineered and prefabricated that it went up at an astonishing pace of one (1) floor per week.  This level of expertise is what we strive for at FrameCo.

We fully understand the constant battle of making sure that projects on restricted timelines go as smoothly as possible.  To ensure that our prefabricated curtain walls gets to you on time, we put exhaustive effort into making sure that the panels for your construction project are ready to go at a moments notice. We manufacture according to the schedule, often producing panels early for storage so that you can rest easy knowing that your project is ready to go as soon as you say the word. We push ourselves to give you the best possible outcome.

One of the biggest issues with tight timelines on projects is errors.  With our prefabrication system, we have multiple quality control checks.  Our in-house drafting and manufacturing teams keep a close eye on our projects as they flow through the manufacturing process to ensure that the right prefabricated wall panels are delivered right on time!

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