Halfway between Ohio State University (home of the National Championship-winning Buckeyes) and Riverside Methodist Hospital lies the site of a half-finished Staybridge Suites hotel. The hotel, which is considered an anomaly of the standard hotel chain design, is a $10 million dollar project featuring concepts predicted to be implemented in many future Staybridge ventures.

Why, you ask, is this particular hotel such an anomaly? The interior design far outranks previous Staybridge schemes, with a thirty foot long lounge featuring a baby grand as well as a bar close by. Add this to a renewed color scheme and lobby layout and you have a new sort of hotel entirely.trailer film Spider-Man: Homecoming

“We’ve done away with that 12-by-12 room.”

-Developer Manay Singh

But the unusual interior isn’t the only thing setting this Staybridge Suites apart from the masses. It’s the nearly 50,000 square feet of FrameCo wall panels spanning seven floors high that makes the difference.

At our shop in Cleveland, production is already churning out the top levels of the hotel; and we are hoping the design inside won’t be the only feature of this Staybridge Suites that will become the norm.