Structural Wall Panels: Designed, Detailed, Delivered

Structural Wall PanelsFrameCo’s prefabricated structural wall panels are made with steel studs and light gauge steel framing components. Available for both interior and exterior projects, our prefab wall panels are cost efficient, reliable, and are ready on time to avoid project setbacks.

Prefab Wall Panels

At FrameCo, we strive to help you complete your project exactly as planned, which is why we offer a variety of prefab wall panels, including:

  • Metal wall panels
  • Steel wall panels
  • Modular wall panels
  • Light gauge wall panels

Furthermore, we specialize in the following metal building products:

  • Load bearing light gauge framing systems
  • Non-load bearing (infill) systems
  • Sheathing, made of plywood or gypsum board that adds to the protective exterior cladding system
  • Air/moisture barriers which prevent mold or moisture entering the building
  • Spray foam insulation, which helps to make an airtight wall cavity for energy efficiency

In addition to manufacturing structural wall panels, FrameCo also specializes in architectural framing, metal trusses, and curved metal runner tracks. Interested in working with us? Visit our consultation page for more info.

About FrameCo

FrameCo was founded in 2007 with the goal of re-creating construction through a productivity revolution. By escaping the industry norm of shipping materials to the worksite and constructing on premise, FrameCo has revolutionized the field with a new way of building.

All of our products are manufactured in a controlled environment at our state-of-the-art facility based in Cleveland, Ohio. The process starts with an engineering stage, followed by panel drawing. From there, the product is manufactured and shipped to the client.

Our shipping process is efficient and laser-focused on keeping job sites stocked with the materials needed by contractors and nothing more. By eliminating the need for mass stockpiles of materials and machinery on site, projects stay on schedule and are often completed in record time.

At FrameCo, we strive to reduce the average timeline for midrise building construction from 14 months to 7 months by 2021. We plan to achieve this goal by focusing on these key construction aspects:

  • Collaboration with clients throughout the entire building process, from conception to close of project
  • Materials that are ready when you need them to avoid setbacks
  • State-of-the-art quality control, achieved with multiple quality control checks throughout the prefabrication process
  • An efficient shipping process and on-site delivery
  • A focus on helping you complete your project on schedule and on budget

Value Engineering

With an eye for economical design generated from over thirty years in the construction industry, our estimators use value engineering to reduce time and money on jobs. This skill, combined with our variety of alternative construction methods, gives the gift of ultimate efficiency to your project.

Satisfied Clients

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, FrameCo has worked with clients in over 30 states, in the Midwest and beyond. We have collaborated on an assortment of projects in various industries including student housing, senior living, hospitality, and more. Some notable clients include:

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • KeyBank
  • Army National Guard
  • Rite Aid
  • Regal Cinemas
  • The Ohio State University
  • Marriot Hotels
  • Honda
  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport

To learn more about FrameCo and our structural wall panels, architectural framing, metal trusses, or curved metal tracks, check out our news and tips section. And be sure to contact us through our handy form!

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