Merrimack Student Plaza

Location: Lowell, MA


Client Issue: The University of Massachusetts in Lowell MA had a goal to transform itself into a commuter school, and to do so they needed a lot more living space for students. Plans for a $40 million private dormitory that could potentially house over 400 students was put on hold after a previous developer failed to convince the school to award financial aid to students living in off-campus housing. Vision Development came along and saw the need was greater than the risk of building with or without UML, and thus the Merrimack Student Plaza was born.

FrameCo’s Solution: In one of the most expansive projects FrameCo has undertaken to date, our team embarked on the journey with Red Line Wall Systems, an east-coast contractor. We prefabricated a whopping 169,880 square feet of wall panels towering five stories high as well as parapet framing. Our team went the extra mile and supplied pressure treated wood blocking and flashing around each exterior window as well as adding 3” RMax EcoMaxCI to the exterior face of the panels, putting in added hours of painstaking work to protect the panels and building amply. The work paid off- the site held up beautifully throughout the worst hours the east coast winter Storm Stella.

Total sq. feet of material: 169,880


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