Exterior and interior wall panelsAt FrameCo, we’re dedicated to helping your construction projects through our productivity revolution, as we believe that it’s the small things that add up to the big picture. As a team of prefab wall experts, we assemble and design many products that can simplify your processes and save you time.

Structural Wall Panels

Exterior and interior wall panels are some of the major products that we offer at FrameCo. We preassemble panelized wall sections utilizing light gauge steel framing components and steel studs.

FrameCo revolutionizes prefab wall panels with the metal building products we use. These products include:

  • Light gauge systems
  • Non-load bearing systems
  • Load-bearing systems
  • Plywood or gypsum board that adds a protective layer (sheathing)
  • Air/moisture barriers to prevent mold entering the building

Our Successes

 We have provided exterior and interior metal wall panels for student housing buildings, senior living facilities, hospitality, commercial sites, and many more. No matter your field, FrameCo can help with any exterior and interior wall panel needs you may have. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we’ve helped our clients.

Student Housing

  • Penn State University South Halls – In the heart of football season, Penn State College wanted to update their student residence halls. Our team helped provide quick enclosure of renovation areas by installing panelized wall sections and roof truss assemblies. By changing to modern panels and trusses, we transformed the appearance of the building and its functionality.
  • South University – A two-story university building needed reconstructing, but the structure had wide exterior windows to work around. Our team installed full-height light gauge wall panels to eliminate as much on-site construction as possible. Our wall panels made the area safer and allowed for the project to proceed without delay.

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Senior Living

  • Independent Living Community – In Philadelphia, a five-story senior living center needed wall panels completed in a short period of time. In just 14 weeks, FrameCo worked efficiently to unload and install 20 semi-loads of wall panels and a metal floor joist system.

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  • Wendy’s Corporate Headquarters – FrameCo worked with the fourth-largest fast-food chain in the United States to help construct their headquarters by supplying them with quality metal wall panels. We provided metal stud wall panels to allow for brick relief and to balance the building.
  • MedExpress – This chain of medical offices needed reconstruction changes and uniformity implemented across each building. Our team provided wall panels and maintained consistency within the MedExpress buildings throughout the country.

Why Choose Us?

 At FrameCo, we are all about the details and meeting your needs! We’re dedicated to doing all we can so your exterior and interior metal wall panels really make a difference. What sets us apart from our competitors? Many aspects!

  • Better estimates – We take the guess work out of construction cost estimating
  • Saving time – Construction time on site is greatly reduced with our in-shop fabrication methods
  • Reducing overtime – Overtime work is costly; our products help you maintain project schedules without budget blowouts
  • Proven technology – Our team has 30 years’ worth of value engineering skills and we utilize proven technology

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