At FrameCo, it’s the little things that count.

Our team believes it’s the small things that make up the big picture. So at FrameCo, we engineer proper metal stud sizes and develop innovative steel stud framing details. Our proprietary framing system has introduced metal stud framing techniques and details unique to the North American construction industry:

  • Rivet fasteners that are five times stronger than traditional pan head screws
  • Rigid panels that resist twisting and racking
  • Flatter and more visually appealing drywall finishes, with no raised pan heads or bubbling from welded connections

Noggin Track

Our unique noggin track holds the studs in place with a continuous piece of metal–providing an unrivaled rigidity and racking resistance, rather than having separate units which do not create the solid strength needed in quality buildings.

Spring Hangar System

Suspending bulkheads and ceilings, especially ones with compound curves, requires much patience and a budget to match. Our spring hangars, rated to hold up to 110 pounds each, allows for initial and accurate positioning and subsequent final attachment to structural framing.

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