Here at FrameCo we utilize every square inch of the trailer that we are shipping our panels on. With extensive planning and configuration we organize our trailers to efficiently carry exactly what the install team will need to move on to the next step. The prefabricated panels are stacked consecutively per floor so that we can ship these large shipments of prefabricated wall panel to the site as the building is going up – without taking up precious space on tight job sites.

With our prefabrication process, we remove the need for mass stockpiles of lumber and machinery at the site. When our haulers pull up with a fresh trailer load of prefabricated wall panels, the install crew makes efficient use of their tools, expertise and time so that the trailer can leave as soon as possible to make room for the next load to keep the project going vertical!

Using prefabricated wall panels is a preferred construction method by a growing number of contractors. Not only do prefabricated wall panels reduce project site traffic and space congestion issues, but it also alleviates many variable install and scheduling issues.