If you’ve visited our Cleveland facility in the recent months, chances are you saw nothing but panels. Overflowing the storage areas, churning out from production, preparing for transport…and to where, you ask? The destination of these panels is not senior living centers nor apartment homes. It’s hotels, ranging from the bustling city centers of Wisconsin to Indiana to Michigan and beyond. Hilton. Holiday. Hyatt. DoubleTree. Staybridge. And the list goes on.

The latest venture -known as Hyatt Place in Liberty Park- is a 136-room building that, at 193,000 square feet, will be one of the biggest in the Madison Wisconsin area. Its design has been called “attractive”, “great looking” and even “quite honestly phenomenal”: so phenomenal that mayor and planning director Adam Sayre thought the hotel’s set-back location did not do it justice.

DoubleTree Hotel, another project on FrameCo’s roster, is a visual masterpiece. With a lustrous, clean exterior enclosing a massive 241 guestrooms as well as several sky bridges connecting other areas of downtown Evansville Indiana, the impressive structure is due for a highly anticipated October 2016 opening. For the team at FrameCo, it only goes up from here. Got a hotel? We’ll build it.