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Curved and Straight Soffits

Think outside the box with our architectural framing options.

The possibilities are endless with FrameCo’s cold formed metal framing design and fabrication process- with experience in curved and straight soffits, domes, barrel and vault framing, clouds, and more, our team can efficiently bring a vast range of projects to life.


The construction process is often lengthy and complicated – from the architect to the engineer to the contractor to the fabricator to the installer. FrameCo’s estimators bring the different steps together through the communication and knowledge of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as AutoCAD techniques. We give customers the advantage of drastically reduced costs by working out accurate dimensions, knowing the unknowns, and eliminating any rework, costly changes, material price fluctuations and field conflicts.


Consistency and accuracy are key in today’s competitive, exacting and time-sensitive construction industry, and with prefabrication our team defines those values. FrameCo leverages the benefits of prefabrication in tandem with a proprietary fastening system and combines light gauge framing with this unique riveting to prefabricate some of the most complex framing imaginable.

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