Efficiency Through Prefabrication

For years, the construction industry has been largely run by traditional stick-built methods: a lengthy process involving materials shipped to a site and construction occurring on the premise. FrameCo, founded in 2007, is offering contractors and builders a better way- construction through prefabrication.

Take the guess work out of cost estimation, reduce installation time, and experience the innovative simplicity of preassembled building methods- from the desktop to the job site. With industry proven construction technology and cutting edge BIM programs like Revit and AutoCAD, our estimators can create 3-D models of your project and expertly determine the best construction technique for the job.

From our plant in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, we deliver cost effective and innovative solutions for every step of the building process- economical design, engineering, fabrication, and installation.

We design, assemble, and install:

Our Mission: Re-creating construction through a productivity revolution.

Our Vision: To reduce the typical mid-rise building timeline from 14 months to 7 months by 2021.

Our Values:

Work smart, enjoy life. We enjoy what we do because we are changing construction. The ultimate motivator is doing meaningful work.

Humble. We respect each other’s backgrounds and listen. We are aware that success is not our own, but results from great relationships with our people, clientele, and vendors.

Unconventional. We challenge the traditional saying, “It’s construction…,” and have the courage to forge a new path for the way construction is done.

Customer obsession. We start with the right customer and work backward. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.

Good is not good enough. Hire and develop the best talent who take ownership of every project and insist on the highest standards of accuracy.

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