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FrameCo – Your Dedicated Prefab Walls Specialist

Here at FrameCo, we are all about the details, as we believe that it’s the small things that add up to make the big picture. Our mission is to recreate construction through a productivity revolution.

Using innovative steel, we develop creative stud framing details and utilize advanced framing techniques to help advance the construction industry around northeast Ohio and beyond.

As prefab wall experts, our team is tasked with assembling, installing, and designing:

  • Architectural framing
  • Compatible floor systems
  • Curved metal tracks
  • Metal trusses
  • Structural steel systems
  • Structural wall panels

Details on Our Selection of Services for Prefabricated Buildings

Structural Wall Panels

FrameCo preassembles panelized wall sections using steel studs and other light gauge steel framing components. We also specify non-load bearing (infill) systems, moisture and air barriers, and more to ensure you are getting the quality product outcomes you desire.

Architectural Framing

Your design possibilities will be endless with our cold-formed metal frames. Due to their great versatility, we have the ability to design and frame straight and curved vault framing, clouds, soffits, domes, barrels, and more!

Metal Trusses

As a distributor for Progressive Systems (PSI), a Michigan company with over 15 years of experience, we are able to provide premium products to our customers. Their metal trusses are created with a simple truss shape that will allow your crew to have a premium ratio of weight to strength, making the product reliable and lighter, all to ensure a longer lifespan.

Curved Metal Runner Track

We pre-assemble arched and curved metal runner tracks for not only our prefabricated and panelized walls, but also bulkheads, ceilings, and soffits.

Our History as a Wall Panel Manufacturer

FrameCo was founded in 2007, and since that time we’ve dedicated ourselves to being a great resource for builders and contractors, as well as a unique solution to their building needs.

As a way to help contractors get jobs completed in a more timely manner with better materials, our prefab walls are ideal, making it so contractors are no longer stuck with traditional methods that can involve lengthy processes and setbacks.

As we have developed within the industry, we have also gone on to receive recognition along the way! We’re honored to have been recognized by NorthCoast 99 for being a top talent workplace in northeast Ohio, and being a Weatherhead 100 fast-growing company!

If you want to keep up with everything going on in our company, be sure to follow our blog. Here are some of the latest updates and articles we’ve shared:

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